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Smart Storage for Rice Lovers

If you’re a rice enthusiast, our smart storage solutions are tailor-made for you. Our rice buckets are designed to keep your favorite grain fresh and delicious

Rice Buckets

Sustainable Storage, Delicious Meals

The durable materials used in their construction guarantee long-lasting performance. With convenient measuring cups and scoops attached, serving rice becomes a breeze.

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Our rice buckets are designed to keep your favorite grain fresh and delicious.

Rice Dispenser


This container has tightness, it can block the moisture in the air, and ensure the dryness of the particles.

Rotatable Dispenser


Clear food containers have a stylish design, making them ideal for displaying cereal, ingredients, snacks and more…

Storage Box


The new Japanese-style kitchen sorting grains on the wall cans. Transparent compartment storage box.

Large Bucket


With its large 2kg capacity, it provides ample storage space for your kitchen essentials.

Foldable Container


With its large capacity of 25 kilograms, it offers ample space to hold a significant amount of food, making it ideal for storing bulk quantities

Sealed Rice Bucket


With its sealed design, it ensures the freshness and protection of the stored contents.

Rice Buckets

Preserve the goodness

Say goodbye to messy spills and hello to hassle-free meal preparation

Scoop, Serve, and Store with Ease

Enjoy the convenience of easy measuring and serving with specially designed compartments and attached scoops

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